Selecting the Best Vinyl Signs for Your Project

Open a new business or revamp an existing one with custom signage. Whether it’s directional signage, window decals or a vibrant static cling, vinyl graphics are an affordable way to inform and guide customers. Choose the right sign vinyl for your project by understanding what each type of film is designed for, how long it lasts and more.

In your lobby, reception or waiting area, a single sign can grab the attention of both current and potential customers. Custom a-frame signs can display your specials or promote an upcoming event. They’re ideal for a temporary campaign or social distancing notice.

The dimensional logo and etched vinyl lettering of the Q2 sign gives this financial group a professional look that is eye-catching in their chocolate office wall. The etching looks just like hand painted lettering, but at a fraction of the cost.

Static cling graphics are easily applied and removed, so they’re ideal for window advertising and other informational signage. They stick to a wide variety of interior surfaces and are easy to reposition as needed. They can be updated without any damage to windows, doors or walls. They can be used to post company taglines or mission statements, as well as directions for your staff. You can also use them in a larger wayfinding system to help clients find their way around your business.

If your retail or restaurant location is located in a busy shopping center, mall or stadium in Cincinnati, you can use custom a-frame signs to promote special offers and draw attention. These durable and affordable displays are easy to update and can be moved from one spot to another when your promotional message changes.

Ceiling displays are great for displaying department names or announcing upcoming events at offices or other locations in your building. They can also be used at trade shows and other industry events to call attention to a booth or display.

When your business or organization needs to attract attention, send a message or gain market share, a full-color sign from Cincinnati Vinyl Signs is the best option. They offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage solutions, custom vehicle wraps, trade show displays & booths and event marketing. Their team is professional, detail-oriented and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

If your business is in a mall, it needs signage that will attract the attention of local consumers. Mall store signs and window decals can help you advertise your brand and inform shoppers of special deals or new products.

Static-cling graphics can be easily applied, repositioned and removed from windows or doors, making them an affordable way to bring attention to a sale, event or temporary promotion. They’re also a great option for informational signage as part of a larger wayfinding system.

Custom cutting: Lettering, icons, back panels and unique layering and spacing techniques can add depth, dimension and natural shading to your signage. Special materials: Brushed metal, sanded wood, reclaimed acrylic, brushed aluminum and patina colored vinyl can give your sign a unique look.

Show your support for the Cincinnati Reds with this 16” team wreath sign. Made of medium-density fiberboard, this durable sign will help you express your loyalty for the Cincinnati Reds for years to come.

Turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard for your company or organization with custom graphics. Whether you want to reach new customers as you travel around town or need to communicate your message to passersby while you’re stopped at a traffic light, we offer a wide variety of options.

The bigger the canvas, the more impact your graphics can have. A full wrap can cover your entire vehicle bumper-to-bumper and is ideal for showcasing eye-catching graphics, a company logo or contact information that will grab the attention of everyone who sees it.

On the smaller side, spot graphics, like vinyl letters and decals, can achieve much of the same effect without covering your entire vehicle. They’re great if you’re looking for a more simplified way to get your message across and can help you save money on an entirely new vehicle wrap. Static clings are also easy to apply, reposition and remove. They’re a smart option if you need to quickly “rebrand” your vehicle for an upcoming promotion or sale.

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