Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing

Power washing is when you use pressurized water to remove dirt and organic build-up from exterior surfaces. It is commonly used on driveways, patios, decks, and other hard surfaces. Power washers can be found in homes, but are primarily used by professional cleaning companies. They typically have large tanks, tips, wands, downstream injectors, and safety gear. They can be very dangerous to operate, and should only be operated by professionals who have received proper training.

The main difference between power washing and pressure washing is that the water used in a power wash is heated, allowing it to break down grime and dirt more effectively. This makes it the better option for heavily soiled areas, such as outdoor patios, driveways, and garage floors. The added heat also helps it to remove stuck-on materials, such as salt from sidewalks and grease stains on driveways.

A properly used power washer can reach all of the nooks and crannies on the outside of your home, including removing mold, mildew, and algae from crevices and corners. It is recommended that you power wash your house every 6 to 12 months, as this will help to prevent fungus and other growths from building up. This will also keep your house looking its best and maintain its value, as well as protect it from harmful UV rays.

Before starting a power wash, it is important to prepare the surface to be cleaned. This includes preparing a chemical solution or detergent to be used with the power washer, as well as selecting the right nozzle for the job. Using the right nozzle allows you to control the pressure and intensity of the stream, which is necessary for avoiding damage and for achieving the desired results. It is also important to ensure the correct hose is attached, as this will provide the flow of water needed for cleaning.

Once you have your chemical solution or detergent ready, it is time to begin the power wash. Start at the top of your house and work your way down, ensuring that all areas are cleaned thoroughly. For best results, it is a good idea to wash one section at a time and to rinse before moving on to the next area. This will help to reduce the amount of detergent that is left behind, as it will be rinsed away by the high-pressure water.

When finished, the last step is to rinse off the excess water and dry the surfaces with a towel. It is important to rinse the soap off completely, as this will help to prevent it from re-dripping or creating streaks on the surfaces. Then, enjoy your newly-cleaned patio, driveway, and other surfaces!

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